Welcome to Stockport Warblers!  

The community singing group which isn't a choir...

Stockport Warblers is a singing group with a difference.   We don't audition, we don't do solos or harmonies - unless anyone wants to of course! We just get together and sing well known songs for fun.

If you love singing but don't have enough time to commit to regular choir practice sessions, then Stockport Warblers is for you.

If you have tried joining a choir but found the formality and the harmonies a little difficult to get to grips with, then Stockport Warblers is for you.

If you just want to have a good old sing song, then Stockport Warblers is for you.

Stockport Warblers is for everyone!


It is widely recognised that singing with a group of people has many beneficial effects on mood, happiness and mental health.   There is even some research to suggest that it can help to fight cancer.    

All that aside, there's something very powerful and uplifting about singing in a group.

Come and try Warbling with us and see for yourself how great it makes you feel!



In line with government advice on 16th March that everyone should now be "social distancing"

and avoiding crowds and gatherings, Warblers is currently "on hold".   

We are monitoring up-to-date health advice and will keep this decision under review.   

Further updates will be provided on this website as the situation unfolds.

Stockport Warblers:   singing  WITH you, not AT you!